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Turn 3 - 'William' Delphi by PiePiyo
Turn 3 - 'William' Delphi
don't tease me like that! 

what an adorable child. so smol. his hat is a cute lil sunhat with hong kong orchids, like before, and also white roses. 

and the trees are pink? i don't like drawing trees. or grass. they take forever. 

also his friend hazel is here to make fun of him. i didn't feel like drawing a new design for her so i recycled the one i came up with for the beach entry because it already had a hat. 

for TheOC-pageantOfDA's Picnic of Extravagant Hats round, which is round 3. original design here!
Turn 3 - Slate the Avatar by PiePiyo
Turn 3 - Slate the Avatar
it's awfully windy today...

and i'm surprised his hat isn't being blown away! i've never gotten a chance to design some pretty cool hats before, so i had a lot of fun designing it! i went with lavender because it's a combination of pink and light blue. it took a loooooong ass time to decide where to put what color in the designs! and i guess the wavy brim and flowing ribbons are a homage to his tendency to

go with the flow

*gets punched out of existence*

 also sandwiches are great for picnics

for TheOC-pageantOfDA's Picnic of Extravagant Hats round, which is round 3. original design here!
R5 Alexa by PiePiyo
R5 Alexa
i've had this sitting finished in my folder and only just now remembered to upload it?? oops
anyway alexa's not having such a good time as a storm has arisen and her camera will be ruined if it gets wet! 
Paradise Beach! by PiePiyo
Paradise Beach!
i decided i would have some fun and draw what is hopefully everybody in TheOC-pageantOfDA who was assigned to paradise beach playing volleyball! because i just love to torture myself with more research than should be put into things

i hope i didn't miss anybody! characters are:

StareyedInLA's Meg
savagelucy42's Bubblegum
bunnychan13's Angel
POKOD's 8bit
ObsidianPyre's Rai
Oiiou's Hana

my Delphi
Raika-chan's Valerie
itsasooz's Hakelda
HannahFrank92's Rowan
Gwennafran's Nela
LadyLoriel's Hero

my Slate
Turn 2- Slate the Avatar by PiePiyo
Turn 2- Slate the Avatar
no, wait! i've got it--!

the sand back where slate lives isn't exactly stable enough to hold a volleyball net, not to mention the wind. so what better summer activity than beach volleyball, round robin style? of course, poor slate is terrible at it. the others wind up making him the referee instead.

anyway, for his outfit i went with his base colors -pink and blue- again. i was originally doing full hawaiian pattern shirt, but decided it looked better with flowers just at the bottom. and those sunglasses are adorable- and useful, when you're looking into the sunset during a volleyball game!

i just had to go the hard route, for both of my entries, didn't i? i've never drawn a sunset scene, so i struggled with basically everything that wasn't lines and base colors. choosing sunset colors? who fucking knows. choosing shadow colors? and highlighting technique? wild guess until you get it right. ambient glow? go crazy. and in the end, half the layers i drew are turned off and some of the ones that remain are at like <50%. 

for TheOC-pageantOfDA's Holidays! round, which is round two.


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Mostly for point adoptables and stuff. XD
I honestly don't expect to make this goal in my lifetime. Ever. *shot*

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